Poem: Not Really

I am not really armed for you
I am brunette and have a ass that runs a mile long 
I am beautiful and determined, never dangerous and endaring on this road 

I am not a narcissistic, silent mute girl i just am tuning out the sound of a flabberhead talking about 45 miles a minute in this boring detention room

Is that all i hear in here or are you just being yourself?

I am guess so, really not know

Never know nowadays with a flabberhead like yourself 

I am brunette and determined but never armed up enough

Just being honest and sharing that thought 

I been thinking lately

Been quiet and distant

This detention room seem boring 

How can someone stand that shit

It's boring and quiet 

Not my cup of tea

Can't wait to serve my time for my behavior 

i get out of here

The students are annoying 

The teacher is mean mugging the fuck out of me

The cheerleaders need to stow away those weapons in their uniforms. This is no pornography class.

The nerds high five like i am their teacher instead.

I could jump for joy when he said class dismissed

My time is done, i am out

Til he said," wait a minute." and quiet whispers started. Great.

I mumbled," Great. Another fan." sarcastically. While my insides groan saying," you got to be kidding me."

I groan and walk to him.

Oh lord, help me.
Poet name: Brokendreamspoet


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